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*Rolls are all 50m in Length. Select your width below.*

This is a paper roll with a strong & heavy backing.
Suitable for use with a speedfile and / or for resilient surfaces.



RKEO is a general purpose product suitable for a wide range of applications and materials. The efficient and durable aluminium oxide grit together with the robust paper backing enables high material removal rate and fine surface finishing of hardwood and softwood in all grit ranges.

Enables high stock removal rates.

Very good for light grinding of stainless steel and aluminium parts.

Provides long product lifetime and scratch-free surface when used for leather sanding.

Backing:   E weight paper

Bonding:   resin over resin

Grit:   aluminium oxide

Coating:   semi-open

Grit range:   P40, P60-P400


Also available as discs with Velcro and with self adhesive.

rge050040  rge070040 rge100040 rge115040 rge200040 rge230040
rge050060  rge070060 rge100060 rge115060 rge200060 rge230060
rge050080 rge070080 rge100080 rge115080 rge200080 rge230080
rge050120 rge070120 rge100120 rge115120 rge200120 rge230120
rge050150 rge070150 rge100150 rge115150 rge200150 rge230150
rge050180 rge070180 rge100180 rge115180 rge200180 rge230180
rge050240 rge070240 rge100240 rge115240 rge200240 rge230240
rge050320 rge070320 rge100320 rge115320 rge200320 rge230320
rge050400 rge070400 rge100400 rge115400 rge200400 rge230400
rge050600 rge070600 rge100600 rge115600 rge200600 rge230600

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Weight 1 kg

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Width of Roll

100MM, 115MM, 230MM, 50MM, 70MM