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Velcro Sanding Discs

Velcro Sanding Discs have a wide application range, they can be used for grinding the wood, metal, lacquer, paint, plastic, auto repair, auto manufacture, aluminum alloy and so on. Generally, velcro abrasive (Hook and Loop) is made by three parts, abrasive paper, backing cloth or film or paper, resin, Velcro backing.

Hook and loop vs Velcro sanding discs

Whats the difference? The only difference is the name, Velcro is a brand, Hook and Loop is the actual style commonly reffered to as ‘Velcro’ even when not sold under the Velcro brand.

Best velcro sanding disc for angle grinder

There are many types of abrasives used for sanding, which is best for you?

If you’re working with wood, you can use Aluminium Oxide (Brown). You’ll also find that Ceramic abrasives work well and usually last longer, Ceramic are usually more expensive but worth it, they come in many colours. When working with Metal, you want to use Ceramic grain (Purple) abrasive sanding discs or the Zirconia (Blue) sanding discs.

Hook and loop sanding disc reviews

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Velcro sanding discs suppliers

There are many brands that make sanding discs, we supply Pilatus Abrasives and Hermes Abrasives as they are the highest quality for the Australian market. As we have a factory in Perth, we can make any size and dust hole configuration needed, just contact us if you don’t see them for sale online here.

Velcro sanding discs not sticking

If you find your velcro discs not sticking to the pad, it’ll be one of these reasons:

  1. You have defective loops on the abrasives, return these to where you purchased them from.
  2. You need a new backing pad, these can be purchased here.
  3. If you’ve got a custom machine or bench grinder, you may need to add new hook side adheasive, we sell these in all disc sizes here.

Sanding disc velcro back

We sell all sizes of Velcro backed sanding discs, you can see our range here, or select from the images on the left of this page.


▪️ Available 60 Grit to 800 Grit
▪️ Purple Line Sanding Disc
▪️ Ceramic Grain
▪️ Hook & Loop Backing
▪️ Film Disc (Use wet or dry)