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Bordo 5/8" SC-6 Cylindrical Ball Nose 1/4" Shank Burr Non Ferrous

$190.29 +GST

Head Diameter (inch) 5/8
Flute Length (inch) 1
Overall Length (inch) 2-3/4
Shank Diamater (inch) 1/4
Style SC-6NF
Pack Quantity 1
Barcode 9326518010852
SKU 6401-95306 Categories , ,


Non-Ferrous Cut Burrs

Non-Ferrous Cut Burrs are designed for rapid stock removal with minimum chip loading resulting in longer life and reduced clogging.


Non-Ferrous Cut Burrs are for use on non-ferrous and non-metallic materials such as

  • aluminium
  • brass
  • copper
  • bronze
  • coarse plastic
  • hard rubber
  • reinforced plastic and
  • fibreglass composite



  • It may be necessary to alter the running speeds from those shown in the speed chart in order to achieve optimum performance
  • Harder materials require slower running speeds
  • Smaller burrs require faster running speeds
  • Long shank burrs require slower speeds for safety reasons
  • Apply constant movement and light pressure when using the burr
  • Running below the optimum speed will cause chipping
  • Running above optimum speed will cause premature tooth wear
  • Allowing the burr to become too hot may cause the braze to soften, and cause the head to become detached from the shank
  • Using tools and collets which have become worn will cause chipping
  • Do not sink the burr for more than one third of its periphery


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